Demi Sets

Demi-Aprons and Sets

Set up and release patients quickly with these patient demi-aprons featuring a flexible vinyl-covered spring belts that slip on and off easily. Demi-aprons come in small, medium, large and X-large sizes to fit patients of all sizes, from adults to tiny infants. Available in lead and lead-free models, these aprons can be ordered individually or in sets. See size and style chart.

The set of 4 spring-belt aprons, with one in each size, comes with or without a demi-apron hanging rack. Choose from lead and lead-free models. The demi-apron hanging rack* rack is also sold separately. You may also choose a set of 3 Velcro closure demi-aprons — one small, one large and one X-large — available in lead and lead-free models, but please note that this style of demi-apron does NOT fit the demi rack.