Lead and Lead-Free X-Ray Aprons, Vests and Skirts with a Multitude of Options

Every apron order we place is custom made to your option choices. Made entirely in the U.S. , our radiology aprons are of the highest quality — each is individually handmade and inspected by hand. Not only do our aprons come in four protection types, they are available in dozens of styles for both men and women, for medical professionals and for patient protection as well. Each style has features designed specifically for various procedures and tasks, frequency and duration of use, and the coverage desired.

Suit Your Style, Your Budget and Your Personality

Whether you’re looking to stand out or you’re standardizing a uniform look for an entire department, practice or imaging center, there are dozens of fabric colors, prints and patterns from which to choose. And with our new “pick your own” fabric feature, the choices are virtually endless. Add an embroidery option or monogramming for additional personalization.

Excellent Performance and Attenuation


Prestige is the "next generation lightweight" lead- free apron.  It is lighter than StarLite® and most other lightweight aprons on the market while still providing the same level of protection as other models.  Lead-free aprons also have the advantage of easy disposal* when they are no longer in service. See Attenuation Comparison Chart

StarLite® aprons are lead-free, making them lighter than many other lightweight aprons on the market, yet providing the same level of protection as the TrueLite and Cost Cruncher models. StarLite aprons are up to 12% lighter than TrueLite aprons, weighing as little as 6 lbs. in the Ultra model, and making a significant difference for those involved in lengthy procedures or long periods of wear. Lead-free aprons also have the advantage of easy disposal* when they are no longer in service. See Attenuation Comparison Chart

TrueLite® aprons are a composite blend providing lightweight lead protection that is just slightly heavier than the lead-free StarLite, but still a back-saving 10% lighter than the Cost Cruncher. TrueLite also offers an Ultra model that weighs, amazingly, nearly 30% less than Cost Cruncher aprons. See Attenuation Comparison Chart

Cost Cruncher® aprons made with lead are an economical choice in situations where wearing time is shorter. For those who want a traditional lead apron without the full weight, Cost Cruncher also comes an Ultra model weighing approximately 2 lbs. less. See Attenuation Comparison Chart

*Lead-free aprons may be disposed of in the trash with no restrictions. Please note that lead aprons must be recycled or disposed of by approved waste carriers and may not be discarded into the regular garbage.

Bentley & Smart aprons are entirely handmade to order in the U.S.

All aprons have a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee against defects.