Lead Glasses, Leaded Eyewear and Face Shields Offer X-Ray Radiation Protection

Bentley & Smart offers a full line of non-prescription X-ray protective eyewear in a variety of styles, colors and ergonomic frames for any radiologic environment where eye protection is needed. Bentley & Smart X-ray glasses come in a variety of lead equivalencies to meet the level of protection you prefer.

Serious Eye Protection and Comfortable Styles

Lead glasses are an important, but sometimes overlooked, element in radiology safety, providing protection from both radiation and the splatter of hazardous fluids. From super-light models to goggles to wrap-around styles, Bentley & Smart carries the best from leading U.S. manufacturers as well as affordable designer imports. Choose from our selection of durable frames designed to withstand the rigors of the OR and busy radiology centers, yet provide an optimal visual field for comfortable all-day wear. We also carry leaded acrylic face shields as a lighter-weight alternative to full masks.

Prescription Options

We can order X-ray protective lead glasses with your single-vision or bifocal lens prescription. Another excellent option for prescription wearers is a protective fitover style that can be worn over your own prescription glasses.

Prescription Eyewear Available Please call with your prescription for information and a quote.

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